(CEDA) /Center for Entrepreneurial Education and Business Support is a non-governmental organization registered at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova as a public association. CEDA is a membership based organization, and it has a President, a Coordinating Board, an external Supervising Committee, and a Censor. The goals of CEDA consists in: contributing to the social and economic development of the country, poverty eradication through development and harnessing of vocational skills, of private initiative and entrepreneurial spirit; also to promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit through education, initiation and development of businesses.

CEDA objectives are:
- To contribute to the development of the national system that forms and develops professional and entrepreneurial skills, to promote entrepreneurial formal and informal education, to support business initiation and development;
- To provide support and to assist various entrepreneurs at the phases of launching, extension and acceleration of small, medium and large businesses;
- To promote a positive image of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit in the society, facilitating the dialogue between business environment and public authorities

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