• ceda
  • December 2, 2014


Centre for Entrepreneurial Education and Business Support – CEDA in cooperation with the Ministry of Education (ME) and the National Employment Agency (ANOFM) with financial support from Austrian Development Agency will implement the project Re-Engineering Vocational Orientation and Career Counselling (REVOCC) for Moldovan labour force competitiveness, in the period of 1 December 2014 – 30 November 2017.

The project contributes to the creation of an improved image of VET in Moldova by up-grading the current VOCC for pupils from secondary general and professional/technical education. The project will revise the VOCC module which is now included into the Civic Education curriculum and teachers from pilot schools will be trained to implement the new version of the VOCC module in pilot schools. Afterwards, the new curriculum will be proposed for approval by the Ministry of Education.

In parallel, the project will create and develop out-of-school VOCC services in cooperation with ANOFM. It is about three pilot regional VOCC centres which would be open for both school students from the respective regions and for other categories of youth. The centres will be capable of providing a certain menu of VOCC services.

Project aim and goal:

  1. To contribute to aligning the education system to labour market needs in order to enhance labour productivity and increase employment in the economy.

  2. National capacities developed to provide inclusive quality VOCC services to pupils from educational institutions at a secondary level in order to support their social and economic integration or transition to upper levels of education.

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