In Chisinau will be organized for the first time the Jobs Forum “A successful career at home”

  • October 19, 2017 10:00am - 05:00pm
  • ASEM

“A Successful Career at Home” – is the slogan of the Jobs Forum organized for the first time in Chisinau on October 19th and 21st. The event was being carried out by the National Employment Agency (ANOFM), in partnership with the Center for Entrepreneurial Education and Business Support (CEDA), with the financial support of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

The Jobs Forum aims to motivate young people to develop a successful career in the Republic of Moldova and to develop local partnerships in career education.

The event will start on Thursday, October 19, with a roundtable to be held at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova. Representatives of the local public administration, educational institutions, the Education Directorate, economic agents, etc. were invited to the round table. Also, within the Forum, thematic excursions will take place for pupils from Chisinau to the Ministry of Education, ANOFM, CEDA, but also to companies with practice in offering jobs.

Also, on Saturday, October 21, more than 100 young people from the center of the Republic of Moldova (including the municipality of Chisinau) will meet within ASEM with businessmen and professionals in the construction of their careers. Young people will listen to motivational speeches and ask questions on stereotypes in choosing the profession; personal marketing tools (CV, letter of intent, etc.); wage negotiation and career advancement. During the second half of the day, the participants will visit several enterprises in Chisinau, where they will be informed about the possibilities of employment and the construction of a career in the real sector of the economy

Forum participants will receive the “Employee Future Guide” – a brochure containing useful information about CV development; the list of career fairs in the Republic of Moldova; employment sites, as well as job vacancy information registered with ANOFM. The brochure can be found in electronic version at

The Jobs Forum is organized for the first time in the Republic of Moldova. Similar events have taken place in the southern region of the Republic of Moldova (Cahul), but also in the north of the country (Soroca).

The Jobs Forum is organized under the “Re-Engineering Vocational Orientation and Career Counseling” (REVOCC), implemented by CEDA, in partnership with the National Agency for Employment and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, and the financial support provided by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA). The goal of the project is to improve the image of secondary technical vocational education in the Republic of Moldova by re-conceptualizing vocational guidance and career counseling of secondary education and secondary technical education students.

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