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Center for Entrepreneurial Education and Business Support (CEDA) – is a non-governmental organization registered at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova as a public association.


The goals of CEDA consists in: contributing to the social and economic development of the country, poverty eradication through development and harnessing of vocational skills, of private initiative and entrepreneurial spirit, also to promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit through education initiation and development of businesses.


To promote a positive image of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit


To promote entrepreneurial formal and informal education

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Development of the career guidance system and managerial aspects regarding the teaching of the discipline “Personal development”

18.11.2020 Events

What is a career? What does the career look like in everyone’s vision? What is career guidance, what is the purpose and output of career guidance? What is the career planning competence, what are the 4 components and how can they be developed? How important is the satisfaction in the chosen profession? ” These are […]

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Training of employees of 18 territorial employment units (STO)

30.10.2020 News

A new training day for the employees from 18 Territorial Employment Subdivisions (STO) and a new challenge for participants discussing the first stages of “Planning / organizing a seminar, training and communication with different categories of beneficiaries”. The participants have realized that the organization of a seminar requires going through certain stages for the successful […]

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Training program “Planning/ organization of a seminar, training and communication with different categories of beneficiaries”

29.10.2020 News

Thanks to the actions of the joint efforts carried out by the Center for Entrepreneurial Education and Business Support (CEDA), in partnership with the National Agency for Employment (ANOFM) with financial support from the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) from the 29th to the 30th of October 2020 hold a new […]

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05.10.2020 Announces

Type of contract: Fixed-term employment contract for a certain period Deadline for file submission: October 20, 2020 A. CONTEXT CENTER FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND BUSINESS ASSISTANCE (CEDA) is a public association that promotes the development and development of professional competencies and entrepreneurship through the implementation of programs on entrepreneurship education, leadership / career design and teacher […]

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Press release

24.09.2020 News

On September 24, 2020, a set of equipment was sent to the National Employment Agency (ANOFM), the use of which will contribute to the high-quality provision of career guidance services to the unemployed, job seekers and students in the education system. Context of the event: Since the beginning of the REVOCC II project, ANOFM has […]

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Press invitation

22.09.2020 Announces

Press invitation On September 24, 2020, from 10.00 in the conference room of the National Employment Agency (ANOFM) on V. Alecsandri street 1, the equipment will be transferred to ANOFM, which will contribute to the provision of quality career guidance services. Context of the event: Since the beginning of the REVOCC II project, ANOFM has […]

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«Moldova Employement and Entrepreneurship Education Training Activity, phase IV»



“Re-Engineering Vocational Orientation and Career Counselling”


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