Project description:

CEDA in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (ME) and the “National Agency for Employment” (ANOFM) and with financial support from the “Austrian Development Agency” (ADA) will implement the project Re-Engineering Vocational Orientation and Career Counselling, phase II” (REVOCC  II). Project duration 1 December 2017 – 30 November 2021.

REVOCC II is a continuation of the REVOCC I project, whose budget is estimated at about 900,000 EURO.

Within the REVOCC I project the module “Personal Development and Career Design” was developed, which is currently taught in all educational institutions. Also, within the project, 4 Career Guidance Centers were created within the territorial structures of ANOFM in Soroca, Cahul and Chisinau, with services that have already benefited more than 10,000 young people.

REVOCC II will continue to support young people from the Republic Of Moldova in their career decisions, orienting them to carry out entrepreneurial activities based on the needs of the labour market. The result is an increase in the employment rate and labor productivity in the national economy.


Project goals:

  • Teachers in the education system will receive training on guiding young people in their careers. The project will also support the improvement of guidance services at local level and support the opening of another 4 career guidance centres at local level.
  • For young people will be organized: internships, master-class activities, visits to enterprises, forums of professions, round tables, summer schools.
  • Jobseekers will benefit from vocational training and employment support.
  • Training on starting a business will be organised for women and, on the basis of a competition, some of them will receive small grants for starting their own business, counselling and mentoring services.
  • Creating access for people with disabilities. In Chisinau, the only platform in the country was equipped, with the help of which the work potential of people with disabilities can be assessed, the estimation of manual dexterities and their matching with the profile of a job.


Basic objectives of the project:

  • Ensuring access to inclusive and equal career guidance services from a gender perspective that supports the economic empowerment and integration into the labor market of students from Secondary Technical Vocational Education Institutions.
  • Continuing education and professional development of teachers in the field of Career Guidance.
  • Development of a coherent career guidance mechanism at regional / territorial level.


CEDA will complete the training program with separate components:

  • Understanding disability to promote access for people with disabilities to the secondary technical vocational education system and the labor market.
  • Gender issues to promote equal opportunities for men and women and reduce gender stereotypes in career choice and career development.
  • Promoting social protection as a key issue in all components of the project.
  • Personal development and career design to ensure the quality of teaching this module.