CEDA announces selection of audit company 2020

CEDA announces selection of audit company 2020

The center for entrepreneurial education and business assistance (CEDA) announces a competition for proposals for the purchase of audit services for the project “educational activities in the field of entrepreneurship and employment, stage IV” (MEEETA IV) for the period 01.03.2019-29.02.2020.

The selected company will provide the requested services in accordance with the terms and conditions attached below.

The terms of reference can be downloaded here: Terms

The application for participation in the competition will contain brief information indicating the following:

1. Contact details of the company (name of the bidder, contact number, email address);
2. Description of the company the Offeror, experience in this field and study the possibility of its selection;
3. Summary of persons who will be directly involved in the audit of the organization;
4. License for auditing activities (copy);
5. Financial offer indicating the price of audit services.

Selection criterion. Proposals will be reviewed by the competition Commission based on the following criteria:

1. Experience in this field-interested audit companies should have experience in auditing non-profit organizations of the Republic of Moldova;
2. Qualification of the team that will conduct the audit (minimum 3 years of experience for the audit Manager and minimum 2 years for other team members);
3. Total cost of services for the audit.

The offer will be dated and signed by the Offeror and sent by email to [email protected] until February 20, 2020, 17.00. Offers that do not meet the ad’s terms and conditions will not be considered. For more information, please contact us on 022 885 425.