Grant program for graduates of Technical Vocational Education Institutions

Grant program for graduates of Technical Vocational Education Institutions

The Center for Entrepreneurial Education and Business Support (CEDA), with the financial support of the Liechtenstein Development Services Foundation (LED), launches the Grants Program for Graduates of Technical Vocational Education Institutions.

Through its small donation / equipment grants program, CEDA provides support to young people to start up small businesses or to develop their business at an early stage.

Who can apply to the grant program?

Young people who graduate this year from a technical vocational education institution (Center of Excellence, Professional School or College) and:

Have studied the subject “The Basics of Entrepreneurship”;

Have developed a business plan and presented it at an institutional level.

Young people who graduated from a technical vocational education institution in previous years and:

Have studied the “The Basics of Entrepreneurship” discipline or participated in an entrepreneurial course conducted within the project and have developed a business plan, or

Want to take part in an entrepreneurial course to develop a business plan with reasoned intentions to start later on.

In order to obtain a grant, it is necessary to submit the following documents:

Application to participate in the completed and signed grant program.

Copy of identity card.

Copy of the document confirming the graduation of the institution.

Business plan with all annexes.

Copy of the document attesting the right to use the space / the land where the activity will take place

License, authorization (if applicable)

Price offers for the required equipment from at least 2-3 suppliers

You can download the application form HERE: Formular_SolicitareGrant

The equipment will be provided for temporary use and will only be transferred to the beneficiary after a monitoring visit after 3 months from the date of receipt of the equipment to verify that the business is operational and whether the equipment is used only within the business and not in another scope.

CEDA reserves the right to:

Take back the equipment in case of non-compliance with the requirements of the contract.

To do monitoring visits and receive sales volume information.

Publish information and photos on the business.

Maximum grant amount – 1.350 €. The grant beneficiary comes with a contribution to the business plan of at least 10% of the grant amount in cash or in kind.

Grants are provided through financial support from the Liechtenstein Development Services Foundation (LED) and are managed by CEDA within the MEEETA IV project.

THE CENTER FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL EDUCATION AND BUSINESS SUPPORT (CEDA) promotes entrepreneurial activity as an alternative way of integrating young graduates of technical vocational education institutions into the labor market.

For additional questions and information, please contact us through: tel. 022 885425, 079002848 or e-mail: [email protected]; Women’s Business Association (Balti): tel. 0231 60895: 0691 13950, or e-mail: [email protected]; [email protected].