New efforts to support youth career guidance

New efforts to support youth career guidance

Today, January 26, 2018,


The Center for Entrepreneurial Education and Business Support (CEDA), with the financial support of the Austrian Development Agency, launched the project “ Re-Engineering Vocational Orientation and Career Counselling” (REVOCC II). The project budget is estimated at around 900,000 Euros and will be implemented by 2021. REVOCC II is a continuation of the REVOCC I project, which was implemented between 1 December 2014 and 30 November 2017.


Within the REVOCC I project was developed the module “Personal Development and Career planning”, which is now taught in all educational institutions. Also, 4 Career Guidance Centers were set up within the project within the ANOFM territorial structures in Soroca, Cahul and Chisinau, where more than 10,000 young people have already benefited from their services.


The new project, REVOCC II, will continue these interventions. In particular, teachers in the education system will benefit from training on youth career guidance. The project will also support the improvement of guidance services at local level and will support the opening of other 4 career guidance centers at the local level. For young people, internships, master classes, business visits, professions forums, roundtables, summer schools, etc. will be organized. Jobseekers will receive professional training and support in employment.


For women, training will be organized to start a business based on a competition, part of them will receive small grants for business initiation, counseling and mentoring.


“The project aims to support young people in the Republic of Moldova in their career decisions so that they are based on the needs of the labor market and as a result increase the employment rate and labor productivity in the national economy,” said Sofia Şuleanschi, director of CEDA . She stressed that these efforts are being made with the strategic partners of the project, ANOMF and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, but also with the local authorities, for young people to have a better future at home.


The State Secretary of Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, Angela Cutasevici came with a welcome speech:


“Honorable audience, I am happy to greet you from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, namely personally from the Minister, Monica Babuc, to congratulate you on the launch of the REVOCC II project. The MECR has a fruitful collaboration with the Center for Entrepreneurial Education and Business Support through its elaborated and implemented projects. These projects have a significant impact on the educational process, namely through the formation and development of entrepreneurial skills of students. Also, the career guidance and counselling activities are important, which also have a key component in the process of professional training and integration of young people”


Raisa Dogaru, head of ANOFM, said:


“I want to appreciate all the achievements of the REVOCC 1 project, especially thanks to the Austrian Agency for Development for the provided support. I am very happy for results and congratulations to all partners. ”


The number of direct beneficiaries of the REVOCC II project is estimated at about 3000 people, and indirect – about 358,000 people.


At the end of the event the Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, the National Agency for Employment and the Center for Entrepreneurial Education and Business Support.


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