CEDA announces the winners of the grant program on November 3, 2017

CEDA announces the winners of the grant program on November 3, 2017

The Center for Entrepreneurial Education and Business Support (CEDA) within the framework of the “Training Activity in the Field of Entrepreneurship and Employment” (MEEETA IV) organized on November 3, 2017 the Grant Committee Meeting no. 02.


The members of the committee reviewed 6 applications to the grant program of the young graduates of the Secondary and Post-Secondary Technical Vocational Education Institutions who graduated the course “Developing entrepreneurial skills for starting their own business” and intend to take the first steps in the business.


The business ideas examined were:


– Drobot Irina, graduate of the Center of Excellence in the Light Industry, the domain of custom-made clothes

– Croitor Dimitri, graduate of the Comrat Professional School, field of business – beekeeping

– Mihasiuta Iosif, graduate of the Bubuieci Professional School, the domain of business – beekeeping

– Maican Ion, graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Agrarian Economy from Bratuşeni, – beekeeping

– Ceban Alexandru, graduate of the National College of ASEM, the domain of business – digital marketing services


Following the analysis of monitoring results and evaluation criteria, 4 grants were approved for a total amount of MDL 114,116.00. Grants are provided under the MEEETA IV project, supported by the Liechtenstein Development Service Foundation (LED).


CEDA congratulates the winners: Drobot Irina, Croitor Dmitri, Mihasiuta Iosif and Maican Ion!