A Successful Career at Home. The Systemic Approach to Career Education – the REVOCC project.

A Successful Career at Home. The Systemic Approach to Career Education – the REVOCC project.

The systemic changes that have occurred in the Republic of Moldova over the last three years in the field of career education are being presented in Chisinau, on December 1-2, 2017, at the national conference “A Successful Career at Home. The Systemic Approach to Career Education”.


The event is occasioned by the completion of the Project “Re-Engineering Vocational Orientation and Career Counseling” (REVOCC), implemented by CEDA, in partnership with the National Agency for Employment and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research in the period December 2014-November 2017, and the financial support provided by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).


High-level officials, representatives of line ministries, high school executives, colleges, vocational schools, teachers and pupils, representatives of NGOs and active technical assistance projects in the field, donors, entrepreneurs, economic agents, international experts, etc. participate in the conference.


The REVOCC project has helped re-engineer and promote career education.


Within the REVOCC project a number of structural transformations related to education and career guidance have been carried out, including:


– the module “Personal Development and Career Design” has been revised and implemented within the Civic Education and Class master discipline in grades V-XII and secondary technical VET.

– informative seminars were organized for about 1035 civic education teachers;

– 2 sets of teaching materials were developed and distributed in all educational institutions


Teaching materials are available online, at:



CEDA – Teaching Materials


– Career Guidance Centers at AOFM Soroca, Cahul and Chisinau were opened. They are equipped with technology, furniture, the CCP electronic platform that allows the identification of professional interests, helps young people in career choices, selecting from the 1250 described occupational profiles which professions fit them and presenting over 350 videos about professions.


– Within Career Guidance Centers have been created access for people with disabilities and the Chisinau Center for the first time in Moldova has been equipped with an electronic platform CASPER.

CASPER – system for assessing the work potential of people with disabilities that allows a complex assessment of the person with disabilities and a match with the profile of a job.


– The jobs Forum has been reconfigured and held for the first time locally.


“Together with our partners, under the project we have made efforts to ensure that career guidance is recognized as an important element of education,” said Sofia Suleanschi, director of CEDA. She underlined that the experience gained within the REVOCC project demonstrates the need to continue to combine efforts to create opportunities for youth career development here at home in the Republic of Moldova.Currently, career education is part of the policies promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection, ANOFM, etc.