Results of the training course on Vth Module “Business Planning”

Results of the training course on Vth Module “Business Planning”

The training course on the Vth Module “Business Planning” was organized by the Center For Entrepreneurial Education And Business Support (CEDA) in partnership with the Republic of Moldova Ministry of Education within Moldova Employment andEntrepreneurship Education and  Training Activity project – MEEETA III supported by the Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) for teachers involved in delivery of Basics of Entrepreneurship subject in vocational schools.


During five days training period were held 18 sessions 120 minutes long in wich were performed:


1) 1 hour of lesson-model (driven application of content using active learning methods)

2) 30 min of questions-explanations on the contents – Basics of Entrepreneurship

3) 30 min of debrief – reviewing the implementation of teaching methods and teaching approach in the authentic teaching frame.


Following results were achieved:


1. Teachers have received the full set of didactic materials – Suggestions of projection for teachers; Specification for pupils; Implementation guide of the Basics of Entrepreneurshipsubject). Also for this training were prepared detailed sketches of didactic projects for Module V and the algorithm to implement description of the all methods that were applied to each model lesson;

2. Participants improved their design and critical analysis of didactic activities;

3. All participants developed skills of making a business plan and it’s presentation;

4. Each participant with one of their colleagues held a model-lesson within Module V, receiving advices and support from trainers;

5. During all five days participants have had the opportunity to ask and to get answers to all the questions that have arisen during Module V teaching in schools and simulated space during this training.



“Based on the information submitted by moderators. Some aspects have been reviewed and we made conclusions. During these five days it was a very collegial atmosphere, and such an efficient rhythm that we weren‘t noticed when the working day was ending. The teachers are persuasive and dynamic profesionals with experience, with well understood and highly developed language. We are armed with lessons projects that have used different didactic technologies for development. ”



“I learned many interesting energizing games, that i will try to use at lessons and activities. Finally, I deeply understood how to calculate the wage fund. I learned the methods: shared research, agenda with paralle notes, three-stage interview, interactive stations, and I want to use them in my lessons. We were put in the situation to make a business plan in pairs, to make the calculations of revenue and expenditure. We concluded that it is possible to do the same things with the students at lessons, but I think I will accord the financial plan several more hours (1-2 hours more, depending on the group). I will propose students to develop business plans in groups next year, this experience was a good one. I got answers, from trainers, to many questions that I had doubts about, related to Basics of Entrepreneurship subject”